Each Bruno is designed and handmade by Miriam Bicocca, artisan from Turin with a degree in ecodesign and systemic design, discipline aimed at minimizing ecological impact and enhance local production. Her professional training is about research and selection of high quality raw materials. The Brunos are made with vegetable tanned leather, process during which no toxic substances, like chrome and nickel are used, but natural tannins, extracted from vegetables. A process that bases its roots in antiquity, slow, on a human scale. This kind of leather gives the Brunos a strong character, on which traces of time leave an imprint and remain.

The Brunos are a tribute to Bruno Munari.
“The secrets of craft, of any profession done seriously, not just a series of rules and working methods, is based on logic, on experience, to reach the goal with the minimum effort and maximum effect; but also a continuous series of observations, thoughts, considerations that come carried out by reasoning even if, at the beginning, the setting appears illogical. “
Bruno Munari